• Promoting the cooperation between higher education institutions;
  • Representing the interests of higher education institutions in the process of decision making in the field of education and research;
  • Informing the member institutions on the development policies and the priority areas;
  • Consulting higher education institutions in order to accomplish the tasks and the undertaken responsibilities;
  • Formulation of statements in the field of higher education;
  • Formulation of proposals and recommendations on the higher education development strategy and on any issues relevant to the functioning of the higher education system;
  • Highlighting the common problems of the Romanian higher education institutions by collaborating with other bodies provided by the National Education Law;
  • Collaboration with the Ministry of National Education and the Delegated Minister for Higher Education, Research and Technological development;
  • Promoting initiatives and making proposals to the Parliament, the Government, the Ministry of National Education and to any other bodies involved in the field of higher education, aiming to develop Romanian education within the European context;
  • Collaboration with equivalent corresponding international institutions and any other international bodies in the field of higher education and scientific research;
  • Reinforcing university autonomy and protection against interference that could affect the mission of higher education institutions;
  • Organising scientific and professional events.

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