Study in Romania goes global – NAFSA 2019

The Romanian Universities are crossing the ocean to attend NAFSA 2019!

Between 26-31 May 2019, the National Council of Rectors will lead the delegation of 24 Romanian universities that together with the Ministry of National Education, UEFSICDI (the Funding Unit for Higher Education) and the ERASMUS+ National Agency, will attend NAFSA 2019 Annual Conference & Expo in Washington DC, USA. NAFSA is considered to be ”the most comprehensive international education event serving the diverse needs of the entire international education community”. NAFSA 2019 is ”the must-attend” international education event of the year and in 2019 the theme is “Global Leadership, Learning, and Change”. More than 10,000 higher education professionals will take part in the event and StudyinRomania will be among them, providing first-hand information on Romanian education and promoting Romanian universities as key enablers of solid knowledge-driven solutions by means of research and internationalization.

Find the schedule of Romanian Universities at NAFSA here.
Participant universities:

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